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Tony Blair briefed on alien defence policy

The former Prime Minister received a full MoD briefing after expressing concerns over UFO disclosure. In 1998 Nick Redfern wrote to Number 10 requesti…

Nick Pope warns of UFOs at the Olympics

Former MoD investigator Nick Pope has warned of potential UFO activity over London during the Olympics. Pope, who used to investigate UFO reports at t…

The Mondrian Case Mod

Jeffrey Stephenson’s PC case mod is as spare and elegant as Piet Mondrian’s Composition series. The outside surface is made of hand cut acrylic tiles set into a wooden frame. You can find construction photos at the link. Link -via OhGizmo!

Skyrim Mod Lets You Play As Pinkie Pie From My Little Pony

(YouTube Link) The latest mod for the video game juggernaut Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a Bronies dream come true, because it turns your character into Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony. Pink dragons are one thing, but playing as a cute little cartoon horse who goes around hacking people into bite sized bits would make me [...]

Mysterious MoD UFO poster disappears

One of the best UFO photographs ever taken was hung on the wall at the MoD for several years. The photograph was part of a series of six images taken …

Stone Age social networking similar to ours

Strip away all of the mod cons we all live with and we aren’t so socially different from our ancestors. By studying an industrially isolated group in …

Ancient popcorn discovered in Peru

Some of the oldest known popcorn ever found dating back to 6,000 years has been discovered in Peru. It’s a food that’s generally associated with a mod…

Piano Case Mod

When Lifehacker reader David Scothern discovered that the piano he was restoring was beyond repair, he did what any good hacker would do: turn it into a case for his PC! This is one case mod that is music to my ears: Link – via Anything & Everything Previously on Neatorama: Case Mod – The Ultimate [...]

Corvette Case Mod

Bill Owen of Mod Brothers made a PC case mod out of a 1:6 scale RC ZR1 Corvette. It still drives after the conversion! At the link, you can view an extensive list of process photos and a video showing how Owen did it. Link via Geektoplasm | Photo: Mod Brothers

Last ever MoD UFO figures released

The MoD has released its final UFO figures following the closure of their UFO department at the end of last year. The figures indicate that UFO report…