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How Moby Dick Cleaned Up The Rhine

by Michael Ward In 1966, a beluga whale swam the wrong way up the Rhineā€”and wound up paving the way for environmental reform in Germany. When World War II finally came to an end, Germany was in shambles. Its cities had been transformed into forests of twisted steel and broken concrete, and the German people were [...]

Shipwreck linked to ‘Moby-Dick’ found

A shipwreck skippered by the captain who inspired Moby Dick has been found off Hawaii. Captain George Pollard Jr had commanded another boat just two y…

Apocalypse Moby

What happens when you mashup Moby Dick and Apocalypse Now? You get a movie script by Perry Hall, available in its entirety in a .pdf. MAN (GENERAL AHAB) Blood and thunder! Mobys gone off the reservation– he’s swimming and fighting out there, General, answering to no one but himself. An albino daemon! He’s collected his own army [...]