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If Great Literary Works Had Been Written by Lawyers

Legal humorist Kevin Underhill imagined a horrifying world in which the greatest works of Western literature were composed by attorneys. At the link, you can read selections from Shakespeare’s  A Midsummer Night’s Hearing Before the U.S. Patent Examiner and Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, or, The “Whale” (A Narrative About, But Not Necessarily Limited to, the Species Enumerated [...]

Famous Dishes from Literature

Graphic designer Dinah Fried had a great idea for a photo series: meals from famous works of fiction. Pictured above is one from The Catcher in the Rye. Others at the link include Moby Dick and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. As much as I loved Watership Down, I doubt that photos of the characters’ [...]

Shipwreck linked to ‘Moby-Dick’ found

A shipwreck skippered by the captain who inspired Moby Dick has been found off Hawaii. Captain George Pollard Jr had commanded another boat just two y…

Apocalypse Moby

What happens when you mashup Moby Dick and Apocalypse Now? You get a movie script by Perry Hall, available in its entirety in a .pdf. MAN (GENERAL AHAB) Blood and thunder! Mobys gone off the reservation– he’s swimming and fighting out there, General, answering to no one but himself. An albino daemon! He’s collected his own army [...]

Dietribes: Ready to Chowder Down?

• According to the Oxford English Dictionary: Chowder comes from the French, chaudiere, meaning pot. “In the fishing villages of Brittany faire la chaudière means to supply a cauldron in which is cooked a mess of fish and biscuit with some savory condiments, a hodgepodge contributed by the fishermen themselves, each of whom in return [...]

Translating Moby Dick Into Emoji

Image: Fred Beneson Emoji are pictographs and emoticons common to text messaging in Japan. The scale of this language has grown so much that Fred Beneson of Creative Commmons wants to translate Herman Melville’s Moby Dick into emoji. The novel has 6,438 sentences, and he hopes to crowdsource the translation project out to people interested in [...]