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Even More Spooky Halloween Cocktails

Mmmm…A bloody eye ball shooter. Perhaps you prefer witches stockings or zombie brain hemorrage though -don’t worry, they’re there too. Link

Drinks Based on Your Favorite Games

Mmmm….a Katamari Damacy Dashing Prince. Sounds delicious, as do many of the other drinksĀ  invented by The Drunken Moogle, most of which are inspired by video games. They even have a few drinks inspired by websites..what do you guys think a Neatorama cocktail should contain? Link

11 Extremely Unfortunate Product Name Translations

Mmmm…nothing like sparkling dishes that have been cleaned in Barf or a nice, refreshing glass of Pee Cola. Read about other ridiculous product name translations at the link. Link Image Via indigoprime [Flickr]

The Original i

Mmmm. Who else loves the original i?

Beaver Recipes

Mmmm, beaver! Bug Girl posted these beaver recipes from a 1960 pamphlet entitled Good Eating from Woods and Fields, which also includes instructions for cooking muskrat. Link -Thanks, ersatz soubriquet! See more from the booklet in her Flickr stream.