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Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Recalled

Would you be surprised to find that Nuclear Sludge has been found to contain contaminants that “potentially could cause health problems” if consumed? Maybe you should know that Nuclear Sludge is a variety in the Toxic Waste line of candy! Circle City Marketing and Distributing doing business as Candy Dynamics, Indianapolis, IN, is issuing a voluntary [...]

The Most Amazing Press Release Ever Written

Press releases are one of the necessary evils of the information business. There are way too many, and they all start to look the same after you’ve gone through a dozen or so, but they do convey information -sometimes important information. On the other hand, Mitch Delaplane of PitchPoint Public Relations sent out a press [...]

The Most Amazing (And Self-Aware) Press Release Ever Written

On any given day corporations, PR firms and marketing personnel disperse thousands of press releases out into the world – touting new products, upcoming events and nearly any other conceivable news nugget you can imagine. Looking to crow just for the sake of it, PR professional Mitch Delaplane struck a bit of self-promotional gold this week [...]

The Quick Eight: Eight Author-Musicians

Sometimes, people are just so creative and full of thoughts that a single outlet for creativity is simply not enough. This does not apply to me. The only instrument I can wail on is the kind that limits you to five plastic buttons for your “notes.” These eight authors, however, like to put [...]