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Garden Gate Made with Garden Tools

David, a gardener in Missoula, Montana, wanted to make his garden a bit more inviting. So he replaced the solid wood gate with one made with old gardening tools. It matches a trellis that he built with old rakes and hoes. Link -via Recylart

Remembering Reebok’s “Dan and Dave” Campaign 20 Years Later

Getty Images Twenty years ago, Reebok introduced us to “Dan and Dave.” Once American sports fans moved beyond their game of word association — “Who?” — the two men involved became part of one of the most memorable marketing campaigns in history despite a letdown of Olympic proportions. In 1992, Dan O’Brien and Dave Johnson were given such [...]

Man Robs Bank, Calls Taxi for Getaway Service

If you’re going to rob a bank, it’s a good idea to have your plan thought all the way through before starting: Taxi driver James Anderson tells the Missoulian newspaper the man was acting strangely when he picked him up at a Missoula coffee shop. He says the man first asked to be taken to the University [...]