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11 Offbeat December Holidays You Still Have Time to Celebrate

You don’t need us to remind you about the major December holidays. But you do need us to tell you that it’s Monkey Day. © ARNE DEDERT/epa/Corbis 1. December 14th: Monkey Day According to the official Monkey Day website, Monkey Day is an “annual celebration of all things simian, a festival of primates, a chance to scream like [...]

11 Things That Happened on Other Cool Dates

11/22/11 is the 791st anniversary of Frederick II being crowned Holy Roman Emperor, the 293rd anniversary of Blackbeard’s beheading, the 254th anniversary of the Austrian defeat of Prussia in the Seven Years’ War’s Battle of Breslau, the 48th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and what would have been novelist George Eliot’s 192nd birthday. [...]

It’s Complicated: 5 Puzzling International Borders

Most of us think of international borders as invisible, but clear-cut lines: stand on one side, and you’re in one country; stand on the other, you’re in another country. But here’s a list of five international borders that, for one reason or another, are not quite that simple. 1. The Indian Exclave in Bangladesh [...]

Welcome to Bubbleland: Life on a Strange Little Chunk of Kentucky

For most of its journey from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River takes a pretty direct path. Sure, it zigs east here and zags west there, but nothing too crazy. Around Kentucky, though, the river’s course gets a little convoluted. It turns north before heading south again in several places. These detours [...]

4 Old Men Who Played College Football

College football is usually a young man’s game, but occasionally an old timer finds his way onto the field. With this fall’s schedule finally in full swing, let’s take a look at four players who didn’t let their relatively advanced ages keep them off of the gridiron. 1. Tom Thompson, Austin College In November 2009, [...]

Heartland Surgery

Playing the “what if” game, here are the names Thomas Jefferson thought would be nice for the states of the American Midwest: Sylvania, Michigania, Chersonesus, Assenisipia, Metropotamia, Illinoia, Saratoga, Polypotamia, Pelisipia, and Washington. Aren’t you glad he didn’t get his way? It was hard enough to learn how to spell Mississippi! Link -via 22 Words

Jesse James’ First Train Robbery

With nothing more than some rope, some guns and a whole lot of gumption, Jesse James committed the first train robbery in the west 138 years ago today. James’ posse, the James and Younger gang, plotted to overtake a Rock Island Railroad train passing through Adair, Iowa, loaded with a cargo of gold. The plan they [...]

Map of the U.S. According to Number of Residents Per Waffle House

You know you’ve always wondered. Alas, we have no Waffle Houses in Iowa – it would appear that our allotment went mostly to Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia, where there are fewer than 200,000 residents per Waffle House. Artist Cat and Girl is selling an 11×14″ print of this enlightening map for $12 if you find [...]

Scale Model of the Mississippi River Basin

What do you do when you are the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and you want to learn how to control flooding? You recreate the Mississippi River to simulate floods. See the gallery of photos at the link of this amazing project constructed in the 1930’s. In 1936, after nearly two decades of devastating floods in [...]

Why Walt Disney Built a Theme Park on Swampland

It’s easy to see why someone would choose the Orlando area for a tourist attraction these days – it’s already such a mecca for vacationers, you’d be all but guaranteed to pick up some visitors by default. But back when Walt Disney was looking for a place to create a larger, roomier version of Anaheim’s Disneyland, [...]