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Apache helicopter drops missile over Texas

A military chopper accidentally dropped a training missile near the town of Killeen in central Texas. Up to 100 homes had to be evacuated but luckily …

Tour the Underground Missile Silo Home

You’ve probably seen the ad for this underground missile base in New York state that’s been on the market for some time. Now you have a chance to take a virtual tour! Scout from Scouting New York went to the site and the owners were gracious enough to let him look around and take plenty [...]

US warship invaded by deadly spiders

The USS Michael Murphy got more than it bargained for in a crate of missile launcher components. Over 40 black widow spiders were found inside the box…

Five Interesting Tributes to Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan on Mount Rushmore? Absolutely, if Grover Norquist has his way. As Chairman of the Reagan Legacy Project, Norquist believes that all 50 states should have a landmark of some kind named after the Gipper. At least 27 states already have something – streets, elementary schools, post offices, even an airport. But some of [...]

Death Wears a Snuggie

In a recent Wired article, missileer John Noonan recounts his daily life manning an American missile silo. He calls it: In Nuclear Silos, Death Wears a Snuggie. And Noonan really does wear a Snuggie (a blue one), as he waits for orders to launch ICBMs. And waiting is really boring — like soul-crushingly, tediously, boring. [...]

Death Wears Bunny Slippers: Life Inside a Nuclear Missile Silo

Various sources around the Internet indicate that this awesome unit patch worn by some USAF ballistic missile crews is completely real. Comfort, as well as anything that relieves boredom, is highly prized. That’s why many airmen wear Snuggies while manning the missile platforms. John Noonan, as former captain in the Air Force, writes: In a favorite [...]

US military baffled by mystery missile

A mysterious missile off the coast of California has US military officials scratching their heads. The missile was described as “pretty big” and is he…

Missile test sparks UFO reports in China

One month on from the spectacular spirals in Norway a new spate of sightings in China is also being attributed to a missile launch. A series of UFO si…

Did rocket test cause mystery spiral ?

It is believed that a failed Russian missile test produced a mysterious spiral in the skies over Norway. The event started with a blue light that …

No One Wanted to Claim Rocket Launcher

Jarrette Schule found a rocket launcher in his backyard in rural Comal County, Texas on Tuesday. Against all common sense, he took it in his house, then began calling authorities to report it. He called the FBI, the sheriff’s department, and Homeland Security. “Everyone was handing it off to everybody else,” Schule said. He was surprised [...]