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Mojito Donuts

If you love the taste of fresh mint and sweet rum, or if you just love saying the word “mojito,” then you’ll love this recipe to make these mojito donuts at home -and yes, they really do have rum, although it’s probably not enough to give you a buzz unless you eat a few dozen. Link [...]

Hobo Nickels

The Buffalo nickel, which was released by the US Mint in 1913, had a buffalo on one side and a nameless Native American on the other. Due to the hardness of its nickel-copper alloy, it was well-suited for carving. So many Americans worked designs and images into the surface. During the Great Depression, this practiced [...]

Country Mints Star Wars Coins as Legal Tender

Nuie, an autonomous island nation and dependency of New Zealand, will mint coins bearing the images of Star Wars characters. They will be fully legal tender there: A set of 40 coins is being produced by the New Zealand Mint. As legal tender, the coins will have a face value of NZ$2 (£1), but the silver content [...]

These Euro Coins with QR Codes are Legal Tender

The Dutch Royal Mint in Utrecht is celebrating its 100th anniversary by releasing silver 5€ and gold 10€ coins. It has been reported that they include functional QR codes and are legal tender in the Eurozone. Link -via CrunchGear | Image: The Rich Times

Homemade Absinthe

I can’t vouch for the quality or the safety of this recipe, since I haven’t tried it (and probably never will), but English Russia has a how-post on making your own absinthe. There are a lot of herbs involved. Wormwood: 100 g Fennel (fruit): 50 g Anise: 50 g Mint: 15 g Melissa: 8 g Chamomile: 3 g Cumin: 10 g Angelica: 10 [...]

Corndog Mints

Corndog Mints – $2.45 Do you often have unexplained cravings for corndogs? Corndog Mints from the NeatoShop are here to help. Now you can satisfy those cravings no matter where you are. Corndog Mints, the great taste of the county fair housed in a pocket sized tin. Is there anything better than that? Be sure to check out [...]

Attack Over Thin Mint

Do you love Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies as much as Hersha Howard? She allegedly attacked her roommate over a box of eaten cookies. When Wanke walked out of the bedroom, Howard grabbed a pair of scissors and began chasing and threatening Wanke, the report said. As women ran down the stairs, Howard reportedly dropped the scissors, picked up [...]

This Lincoln Penny Just Sold for $1,700,000

This is a one-of-a-kind penny, resulting from a production error at the U.S. mint in Denver. It was struck in bronze rather than the zinc-coated steel normally used during the WWII era. About 20 such errors are known from the Philadelphia and San Francisco mints, but this is the only one known from the Denver [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Strange Dental Care Flavors

Look, call me a traditionalist, but when it comes to toothpaste, I want mint. Fresh mint, spearmint, minty-mint; I don’t care, but I want mint. The makers of these 10 toothpastes, mouthwashes and flosses would surely call me old-fashioned, but I can’t help myself. Maybe they’ll appeal to you. 1. Indian Curry. I love curry, [...]