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The 12 Most Venomous Snakes on Earth

The nearly universal human fear of snakes is caused by the minority of them that can kill you. Venomous snakes are found all over the temperate zones of the world. Find out which ones are the most dangerous, and whether they may be near you! Pictured is a small but deadly African snake called the [...]

Sixteen Ways to Use Your Wrist Now That Watches Are Obsolete

Still wear wristwatches? You’re in the minority. Well, now that watches are killed off by cell phones, what do you wear on your wrist? Tobias Lunchbreath, one my favorite cartoonists on the Web today, explains the “Sixteen Ways to Use Your Wrist Now That Watches Are Obsolete” over at CoreToon: Link | Different format of [...]

“Minority Report” Computing Gets Slightly More Real

Since 2002, the film Minority Report has inspired computer geeks the world over. At the time, touch interfaces were relatively rare, and where they did exist, they were typically limited to one finger at a time. In the film, Tom Cruise’s character famously interacts with his computer by standing in front of a projected screen [...]