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Proteigon: Amazing Papercraft Stop Motion Animation

This one is gorgeous: Proteigon, a mesmerizing papercraft stop motion animation made in two months by Steven Briand. Absolutely brilliant in its minimalist approach! Hit play or go to Link [Vimeo] – via Vultured

Marvel Comics Posters At Their Most Minimal

Superheroes are hitting the big screen hard these days, and comic books are more popular and finely illustrated than ever before. So what’s missing? How about a minimalist approach to the symbolism behind the heroes, the logos as art with a vintage poster appeal. Take a gander at these pop art inspired poster designs by [...]

Luxury Capsule Hotel

Photo: Design Boom In 1979, Japan built its first capsule hotel — an inn with rooms consisting of little more than a bed, and certainly not enough room to stand up. Now developers in Kyoto are contrasting that minimalist approach with luxury furnishings at the 9h Hotel, which will open in December. It’s called 9h because [...]