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10 Marvelously Minute Miniatures

Birmingham-born artist Willard Wigan has been working in miniatures since he was a young boy. But these aren’t just any miniatures, his work is so miniature, it can barely be seen by the naked eye! Check out my favorites below, or more of his work over on his Web site here.

9 More Awesome Miniatures

To follow up on my 13 Awesome Miniatures post, here’s 9 more that I wanted to share with you guys. If there’s one you like a little more than the rest of them, let us know in the comments below! (via

13 Awesome Miniatures

Seattle-based writer, photographer, filmmaker and artist, Christopher Boffoli creates amazingly creative miniatures using people and food. Here are 13 that I’ve curated. Many many more over on his Web site. What’s your favorite of the bunch? Let us know in the comments below.

Big Money

You know how people sometimes put a quarter into a picture with another object to show its size? What if you had a really, really big coin for that purpose? The Norwegian design studio Skrekkøgle makes (and sells) giant coins so that you can make everyday objects look like miniatures! Link | Artist’s site -via [...]

Manhattan in Miniature

Randy Hage is a Los Angeles-based artist on a mission to preserve the crumbling storefronts of Manhattan–one 1/12-scale miniature at a time. The project started when Hage noticed the generic and mass-produced logos of chain stores and restaurants shoving the small, worn shopfronts right out of the city. “My goal is to document and bring [...]

Tilt Shift Vincent Van Gogh

Artist Serena Malyon used Photoshop to add a tilt-shift photographic element to sixteen works of Vincent Van Gogh. Her images give the impression that viewers are looking miniatures. Link via DudeCraft | Artist’s deviantART Profile

Miniature 18th Century French Chateau

This 18th Century French Chateau is only 1:12 scale (your 6 foot tall liveried footman would be represented as 6 inches tall here). The chateau was the central display in the 2009 South Australian Miniatures Enthusiasts (SAME) Dollhouse and Miniatures Festival. Each room was made seperately by club members and put together for the weekend. [...]