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Doctor Who The TARDIS Mini Set

Doctor Who The TARDIS Mini Set Attention Doctor Who fans! Now you can build your own TARDIS with the Doctor Who The TARDIS Mini Set from the NeatoShop. This great set features 2 figures, a build your own mini TARDIS, and a booklet of handy-dandy instructions.   Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fantastic [...]

Axolotl Mini Squishable Limited Edition

Axolotl Mini Squishable Limited Edition – $19.50 (sold individually) Are you looking for a salamander you can really cuddle up with? You need the Axolotl Mini Squishable Limited Edition from the NeatoShop. This delightful plush amphibian is much softer and huggable than a real Axolotl. He also won’t try to swim away.   Be sure to check out [...]

Platypus Mini Squishable

  Platypus Mini Squishable – $18.99  They are odd! They are cute! Sometimes they are even secret agents. Now you can get your very own semi-aquatic mammal with the Platypus Mini Squishable from the NeatoShop. Who knew a platypus could be so darn fluffy, cuddly, and huggable? Snuggle up with one today.  Be sure to check out the [...]

The Olympic Mini Mini

Did you know they did this? To ferry the javelins and discuses thrown in the Olympics back to the starting point, they use adorable little Mini Coopers! See pictures of javelins here. You’ll find more pictures linked in the reddit thread. Link

Mini Masters Board Book Set

Mini Masters – $19.95 Are you looking for the perfect gift for your favorite geeky baby? You need the Mini Masters board book set from the NeatoShop. This fantastic set includes 4 art board books featuring masterpieces by Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, and Edgar Degas. Marie La Petite Danseuse Doll modeled after Degas’ Little [...]

Amazingly Intricate Tiny Motorcycles Made From Watches

Ever feel like your life just keeps ticking away? Well, maybe it would help if you broke your watch and turned it into a mini motorcycle. Sure, it sounds like a tiny midlife crisis, but if your results are anything like Toronto-based sculptor Dan Tanenbaum’s watch part bikes, then at least you’ve done something more [...]

Corn Dog Mini Muffins

Is there really much more to say about them? I mean, corn dog mini muffins -yummy!!! Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

OMFG Mini Figures Channel The Power of MUSCLE

As a kid growing up in the 1980s, I loved me some M.U.S.C.L.E. Men toys! These kooky little mini figures were superbly sculpted, featured some far out character designs, and they were the perfect size to launch from a slingshot. Now, twenty odd years later,  October Toys’ has released a new line called “OMFG Mini Figures” [...]

Real Pumpkin String Lights

I’ve never bothered carving mini pumpkins because the process seems so unrewarding compared to carving a regular pumpkin. That being said, I might just change my mind after seeing these adorable string lights created by Evil Mad Scientist Labs. Link Via CraftZine

Knit Your Own Mini Ninja

Knit Your Own Mini Ninja – $11.95 Have you always dreamed of knitting your own army of mini ninjas, but just didn’t know where to start? You need the Knit Your Own Mini Ninja from the NeatoShop. This fantastic kit includes: booklet yarn felt darning needle knitting needles needle & thread and toy stuffing This is a perfect set for a beginning knitter who [...]