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Link Latte 163

#163 – Week of August 15, 2011 Perseid Meteors Sound Like Aliens – [wow space] Best nano-scale images: micro-canyon – [photos] Self-Assembling Mini-Robots Do Things… – [what's next?] Mormon Polygamists: Wild Lifestyle, more – [fascinating] Apple’s New Futuristic Headquarters – [infinite loop] Incredible Slackwire Stunt Pic – [wow photo] Hubble: Dazzling Necklace Nebula – [wow space] Radical Water Cube Pavilion – [architecture] Everyday Disasters: [...]

A Robot Programmed To Play Dance Dance Revolution

(Video Link) In the future, dancing mini robots will initiate the robotic revolution against mankind! Well, maybe not, but this video demonstrates how they can be programmed to get down, Dance Dance Revolution style. Watch in amazement as those little mechanical feet step in an extremely robotic manner! Marvel at how cute he is, albeit in [...]