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Mineways Lets You Print Out Your Minecraft Projects

Ever wished you could make the structures and items you build in Minecraft into something real? Well, a new program called Mineways is going to revolutionize gaming/building by allowing you to render, or print via 3d printer, all of your lovely Minecraft creations! Now you can show people why you’ve spent so many hours building stuff [...]

Minecraft Epic Rap By Dan Bull

(YouTube Link) Who knew the hip hop community would embrace a video game like Minecraft? Well, maybe we won’t be seeing a Lil Wayne homage to Minecraft anytime soon, but Dan Bull has definitely caught pixel mania.  Check out his Minecraft Epic Rap video and tell me what you think. Fair warning, though, some of the [...]

Minecraft Meets 3D Printing

Members of the MIT Media Lab have created a python script called Minecraft.print() which will allow players of Minecraft with access to a 3D printer the opportunity to print out their creations. And while the odds of an average person having access to a 3D printer are slim, this script is a step in the [...]