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Ad Libs 2012

PBS Newshour has a Facebook app in which you can customize your own political ad. You just slot in a few pictures (from your Facebook page) and a slogan and voila! A generic political candidate ad, just like most of the ones you see on TV. You can see mine here. Or make your own. [...]


Yeah, if everyone could just get on the same page …mine! Randall Munroe at xkcd knows exactly what will happen. Link -via @alex_brovvn

The Sad Tale of Centralia

The following is an article from the book Uncle John’s Fast-Acting Long-Lasting Bathroom Reader. On Valentine’s Day, 1981, eleven-year-old Todd Domboski was walking through a field in Centralia, Pannsylvania, when a 150-foot-deep hole suddenly opened beneath his feet. Noxious fumes crept out as the boy fell in. He only survived by clinging to some newly exposed [...]

Asteroid mining plans emerge

A group of entrepreneurs are planning to use robots to mine precious materials from nearby asteroids. Famous names involved in the ambitious project i…

Dressing for Success, Burglary Edition

Are you a professional? Then look the part, no matter what your career choice. Take, for example, this man, who has been charged with burglary in Marion County, Illinois. His shirt helpfully says “What’s mine is mine what’s yours is mine.” Link -via Lowering the Bar | Photo: WJBD

Prehistoric forest found preserved in China

An entire forest over 298 million years old has been discovered buried underneath a coal mine. The forest is so well preserved that scientists are cal…

Scotland’s first gold mine could open soon

Scotland could be sitting on a gold mine – literally – and plans are in the works to extract the gold. After an initial rejection, ScotGold has applie…

Seagull Swipes Camera

(YouTube link) For some reason, possibly to achieve a viral video, this guy puts his GoPro camera down on the ground, running. The temptation was too much for a seagull in Cannes, France. It snatched the bait and took off, saying “Mine. Mine. Mine.” There is no information on how he got the camera back. -via [...]

Interview with Jane Fonda

A colleague of mine, the YouTube sensation Lisa Nova, scored a rare, personal interview with Jane Fonda last week after the two connected via Twitter. Check out the teaser vid below or the whole story at HuffingtonPost.

Chicken Bomb

During the early years of the Cold War, Britain proposed placing nuclear mines along the eastern border of West Germany. These could be detonated when Warsaw Pact armies crossed, destroying them and deterring follow-on forces from invading Western Europe. But there was a problem with the mine design. It tended to freeze during the winter [...]