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When The Office and The Matrix Combine

(Video Link) It’s true, dreaming about Milton never shutting up about his stapler really would be a nightmare. Of course, if you woke up to a call by Lumbergh after that, you might start wishing you were in The Matrix. Via io9

The mental_floss Guide to the NCAA Tournament: The East

We’re going region by region, giving you one fun fact about each team in the tournament. (1) Syracuse Syracuse’s colors were originally pink and blue, but the class of 1890 changed it to orange. A member of that class explained the switch at his 50th reunion in 1940: “What kind of ‘whoopee’ can be made with [...]

11 Reasons Athletes Change Their Names

Lakers star Ron Artest made waves this summer when he announce he was changing his name to Metta World Peace. Although it’s one of the more extreme moves, it’s far from the first time an athlete has adopted a strange name. Here are 11 great (and not-so-great) reasons athletes make the switch. 1. To get more [...]

How the Titanic Almost Sank Hershey

In 1894, Milton Snavely Hershey founded the Hershey Company. It wasn’t his first foray into the candy field, but you might be able to guess that it was his most successful. In 1905, the company opened a factory that could mass produce chocolate, allowing Milton and his employees to market and supply their tasty wares nationally. By [...]

Cartman’s Favorite Snack & Other Fictional Products That Became Real

In honor of South Park’s 15-year anniversary, the world will finally have the opportunity to watch the show while munching on their very own bag of Eric Cartman’s favorite snack – Cheesy Poofs. The orange, synthetic cheese-based treats will be handed out at this year’s Comic-Con and will be sold in retail stores soon. That got me [...]

The 8 Most Successful Politicians (Who Weren’t Human)

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, is not the only community to elect non-human politicians. Several races have been won by other dogs, different animals, and even inanimate objects! Cracked has a rundown of the most notorious of these, like the mule who was drafted to run. In 1938, the people of Milton, Washington elected Boston Curtis as their [...]

Architectural Firm Proposes Buildings on Rails

Tired of your neighbors? Swedish architecture firm Jagnafalt Milton may have a solution. It recently won a competition to develop the Norwegian city of Åndalsnes. The company proposes erecting buildings on railroad tracks so that they can be moved as desired: It proposed designs for rail-mounted single- and double-birth cabins, along with a two-storey suite. It [...]

Battleship in Real Life

Artist Tim Doyle imagined the Milton-Bradley game Battleship in real life. He created this print for the “Toys in the Attic” 2010 fundraiser. Link via Super Punch | Toys in the Attic Website

The Quick 10: 10 Defunct Advertising Characters

We all know that Mickey Mouse is the figurehead for the Disney company and Ronald McDonald is the recognized face of his namesake fast food chain. But it wasn’t always that way! Check out these 10 mascots that represented their companies before being replaced by the latest and greatest. 1. Alice, The Walt Disney Company. Before [...]

Joel Waul worlds largest rubber band ball

Record breaker Joel Waul will find his driveway looks rather empty this morning. For the giant rubber band ball he spent six years creating is no longer there. It’s a record: The rubber band ball has been sold for an undisclosed fee The 28-year-old waved off his 6ft 7in masterpiece yesterday as a crane hauled its 9,032lb bulk [...]