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R.I.P. Milo the Sea Otter

(YouTube link) Milo, a sea otter at the Vancouver Aquarium, died from complications of cancer on Wednesday after an extraordinary life -for an otter. Milo, along with a female otter who was rescued from Alaskan waters after the Exxon Valdeez oil spill, Nyac, appeared in a YouTube video called Otters Holding Hands in 2007. That video [...]

10 Peanuts Characters You’ve Probably Forgotten

Everyone knows Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and the rest of the main characters from Peanuts. But there have been quite a few personalities over the comic strip’s 50-year history that never reached the same level of popularity. 1. 555 95472 One of the most bizarre characters in the Peanuts universe was “555 95472,” or “5” for [...]

Man Amputates Hand for Bionic One

It has to be the toughest decision anyone could make, but a man has decided to voluntarily amputate his hand. However this looks like a better alternative as he is going to replace his damaged limb with a bionic one. An Austrian man has voluntarily had his hand amputated so he can be fitted with a [...]

Longer Essay = Higher SAT Score?

Is there a secret to scoring higher on the SAT? According to 14-year-old Milo Beckman, there is: just write longer essays, regardless of content. A new study contends that if you write a longer SAT essay, you will get a higher SAT score, regardless of the content of your essay. But that’s not the most surprising thing [...]

8+ Scientifically-Minded Musicians

Modern musicians are frequently believed to be stupid airheads who couldn’t hold down any “real” job. But in reality, there are a lot of intelligent rock stars. Some musicians are even geniuses – and not just when it comes to music composition. These musicians are not only intelligent, they have also used their knowledge to [...]