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Milky Way over Switzerland

This magnificent photo taken in Switzerland shows the expanse of the Milky Way galaxy across the heavens. This small size really doesn’t do it justice; click on the link to view a much larger image. Hovering over the photo at the link will also point out major star clusters and nebulae. Link via io9 | Photo: [...]

Milky Way Transit Authority

Image: Samuel Arbesman Sure, anyone could consult an atlas of the Milky Way Galaxy to see what’s all there, but if you think like Samuel Arbesman, that won’t do. He has created a handy station and route map of spiral galaxy as a way of making the immense more accessible. Introducing the Milky Way Transit Authority. This [...]


At Chromoscope, you start with a boilerplate view of the Milky Way galaxy. Select options to view it in other wavelengths such as x-ray, infrared, microwave, or radio. Above is the hydrogen alpha wavelength view. Link. Blog with video explanation. via kottke.

Gigagalaxy Zoom

This is what I ended up with after just a minute of playing around with Gigagalaxy Zoom, a project by the European Southern Observatory. Start with the Milky Way galaxy as seen by the naked eye, zoom into a section of it, then zoom to the next stage! There are lots and lots of variations, [...]