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Catholic Church sets up an exorcist hotline

The new phone service has been set up in Milan in an effort to help deal with increasingly high demand. According to the diocese’s chief exorcist Mons…

11 More Wonderful Words With No English Equivalent

Last summer Bill DeMain shared 15 nuanced words and expressions that simply can’t be said in English. Haley Sweetland Edwards gave you 14 more last fall. It seems no matter how great the English language is, there are plenty of mots justes missing from its lexicon. Here, indulge in a third and final volume of [...]

Collision Course: A Brief Guide to Earth’s Most Interesting Impact Craters

A Norwegian family arrived at their cabin to open it up for the spring and found a surprise: a large rock had smashed through the roof. It was identified as a 1.3 pound breccia meteorite. It didn’t hurt anybody, and its sale price should easily cover the damage to the roof; meteorites are valuable to [...]

Lightsaber Cat vs. Dogs

Link Scroll down for today’s pictures & links. Lightsaber Cat vs. Dogs This is the ultimate fight, bar none. The Fate of the Universe, or this particular cat in this universe, depends on the outcome of this battle. Impressive, for sure… but I am not sure that this cat even needs a lightsaber to defend itself. These dogs [...]

Soccer Fans Create Enormous Pac-Man Mosaic

During a match against Barcelona, fans of Milan’s soccer team erected a placard mosaic of a vengeful Pac-Man bearing down on Inky. The text below reads “Let’s eat them!” That’s a good idea, because they’re no hiding spot in soccer. Link -via Kotaku | Photo: @ParkLaneSpud

5 Tyrants Who Died Relatively Peaceful Deaths (and 5 Who Weren’t So Lucky)

According to Herodotus, when the Athenian lawgiver Solon visited Croesus, the fabulously wealthy king of Lydia, Croesus — showing off his riches and sumptuous palace — asked Solon who the happiest man in the world was, arrogantly assuming Solon’s answer would be the king himself. But the king was disappointed and angry when Solon named [...]

RGB Wall Art by Carnovsky

Milan design group Carnovsky created what is probably the most psychedelic fun wallpaper you’ll ever see today (without having to ingest anything): Three overlapping and primary-colored patterns are placed on the wallpaper panels [...]

Now Hear This: Radio War Propagandists

The following is an article from the book History’s Lists from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. During America’s wars, they were considered entertainers more than harbingers of fear to U.S. troops. But sometimes media stars like Tokyo Rose and Hanoi Hannah broadcast strategic information that there’s no way the enemy should have known. As radio propagandists transmitting from [...]

Pencil Shaving Portraits

Kyle Bean made portraits of the contributors to Wallpaper* Handmade, an annual design exhibition in Milan. You can view four more at the link. Link -via Dude Craft | Wallpaper Handmade Previously by Kyle Bean: Chicken Sculpture Made out of Eggshells Nesting Cell Phones

World’s First Tram Sauna | Infrared Steam Spa Bath Massage Club

The world’s first tram sauna unveiled in Milan. Unfortunately this real tram is no longer in operation and sits in one place at the spa resort in northern Italy. But, created by public transport designers QC Termemilano, it has all the features of the original carriage – except now it’s a bit more wooden inside, a [...]