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7 College Cheating Scandals

Note: As server migration week continues, we’re reposting a few oldies/goodies. Here’s one from May 2009. While Zack Morris and Mike Seaver may have made cheating look hilarious, there can be pretty sweeping repercussions. Just look at these epic college cheating scandals. 1. MBA Students Network a Bit Too Much Getting to know your classmates and learning how [...]

19 Photos of Ronald Reagan With Various Celebrities for His 100th Birthday

Former President Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday is February 6th, and you can bet every media outlet will be running some sort of tribute. Now seems like a good time to bring up one of my favorite websites, the Reagan Presidential Library—specifically the MEETING WITH V.I.P.s and CELEBRITIES section of the library’s historical photo archives. It’s [...]

Attention Anyone Willing To Do Me a Favor…

To all loyal _flossers (and also new people who just happened to stumble upon this post): I don’t ask you for much,* but today I need to ask a favor. We’re trying to get our trivia game Split Decision into more stores this year. We’ve had success at Borders and Books-A-Million and Marbles and Powell’s and [...]