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Punk Earmouse

Every teen rebels, even if an earmouse one. Here’s Mike Jacobsen’s take on a rebellious Vacanti mouse. Perfect for science geeks every where: Link View more Funny T-Shirts and Science T-Shirts over at the NeatoShop

My Monster Family Car Stickers

My Monster Family Car Stickers | $9.95 It’s a set of family car stickers shaped like monsters! The My Monster Family Car Sticker set from the NeatoShop features Franken-dad, Mummy mom, Werebrother, Vampsister, Baby from the Black Lagoon, Dogberus and Cyclop Cat, ranging from 4″ tall down to 1.5″ tall. Simply peel and stick the vinyl [...]

When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide – $14.95 Ding dong! The witch is dead! Wait! What? That’s not right. Dorothy didn’t arrive in a spinning TARDIS. The NeatoShop is happy to bring you another of artist Mike Jacobsen’s fabulous drawings. The When Worlds Collide art is available on both t-shirts and sweatshirts. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for fantastic [...]

Unicorn Poop T-Shirt

Unicorn Poop T-Shirt – $14.95 Do you know someone who is crazy about unicorns? Get them the Unicorn Poop T-Shirt from the NeatoShop.┬áIt’s the gift that keeps on giving (we promise it won’t have the side-effects like Freddie Wong’s unicorn). If you love this design be sure to check out more of Mike Jacobsen’s work at the [...]

10 Variations On Our March of Progress

The March of Progress is the name of a 1965 illustration by Rudolph Zallinger for the Time-Life book series Life Nature Library, specifically for the volume entitled Early Man. The original illustration has 15 figures. In popular usage, the folded-in version (shown) is more familiar. So familiar that it is a classic jumping-off point for [...]

How To Pitch a Blockbuster

If your movie pitch got rejected, perhaps you weren’t using the right buzzwords. Mike Jacobsen of See Mike Draw explains the secret of pitching a blockbuster to Hollywood: Link See also Mike Jacobsen’s T-Shirt designs at the NeatoShop

World’s First Quantum Machine

The tiny sliver of metal above, measuring as long as the human hair is wide, may be barely visible to the naked eye, but its implication to science is so staggering that it is hailed as the greatest scientific breakthrough of 2010. Behold, the world’s first quantum machine: It’s not much to look at. In fact, you [...]

Evolution of Gamers

The Evolution of Gamers – $14.95 If Darwin were alive, he’d probably lament that thousands of years of evolution can quickly be undone (de-evolved?) by just a few hours of videogaming. In this T-shirt design, Neatoramanaut Mike Jacobsen poked fun at the “Evolution of Gamers”: Link More Mike Jacobsen T-shirts at the NeatoShop | More Gifts for [...]

How Wizard of Oz Should Have Logically Ended

A journey to the Emerald City? Meeting strangers that have no brain, no heart and no courage? Getting attacked by flying monkeys? If you think about it, the Wizard of Oz is needlessly long and complicated. The folks over at How It Should Have Ended created a short animation that tells us logically how the [...]

The Shocking Truth Behind Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The True Story – $14.95 Wizard of Oz, the Short Version Nemesis Bad Chewie Howdy everyone! We’ve just added Mike Jacobsen’s excellent T-shirts to the Neatorama Shop’s Christmas Special. Every purchase will get you a free Mystery Bonus, and it’s not too late to order for Christmas (it’s almost time – you’ve got [...]