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10 Fake Photos Of Hurricane Sandy

Frankenstorm Sandy has passed over the New York City area on her slow, destructive path north, leaving behind a trail of wreckageand mayhem from North Carolina up to at least Connecticut. The biggest mess, though, is in New York City: The streets and subway tunnels are filled with water, power lines and power stations have erupted [...]

Turning A Sphere Inside Out

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Turning A Sphere Inside Out This is slightly mind-boggling. Some people may experience disorientation and weird “reality shift” goosebumps: Link Today’s pictures & links: The Lybian Rock Forest This is Maghidet in the Fezzan desert (Sahara area) in Lybia. Fantastic landscape, captured by Marina Savina. See more here. (image credit: Marina Savina) ———— Give Me a Kiss? (original [...]