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Awesome Creepy LEGO Houses

Have you ever wanted to see what a haunted LEGO house would look like? Well, Mike Doyle’s abandoned LEGO houses are probably just about as close as you can get. He has three great ones on his site, including the one above, aptly titled “Three Story Victorian With Tree.” Link Via CraftZine

LEGO Haunted House

You couldn’t pay me enough to spend a night in this super-creepy haunted house – even if it weren’t roughly as tall as my cat and made out of LEGO. The detail on this creepy crib is, in addition to spooky, an exemplary piece of masterful brickwork. Mike Doyle’s latest LEGO house (perhaps even more hauntingly [...]

Our Little Robot Buddies

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Our Little Robot Buddies Say Hello To Our Little Friends!.. From the fantastic 1stAveMachine (who also did “Plants With Eyes”) comes this clever and amusing look at what our cute little robot buddies might look like in the near future: Link Today’s pictures and links: [...]