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Olympic Divers as Badminton Shuttlecocks

So you take pictures of Olympic divers all scrunched up in the middle of a difficult dive, reduce them in size, and paste them onto pictures of Olympic badminton players as if they are shuttlecocks. We’ve seen some goofy Olympics humor, but this takes the cake for being nonsensical yet funny. And there are twenty [...]

Philly Cheesesteak Ice Cream

Philly cheesesteaks are absolutely delicious, but in the middle of summer it can be a little too hot for a delicious melty steak sandwich. That’s why adding it to ice cream makes so much sense -well, not that much sense, but at least it would keep you cool. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

Morphing Figures By Joram Roukes

These edgy artworks by Joram Roukes depict characters that appear to be in the middle of morphing into something else entirely, an abstract concept which works quite well with Joram’s style. It’s all at once messy yet detailed, looks like a collage yet is fully painted, and the blending of realistic and cartoon styles make them [...]

Why Do We Capitalize “I”?

Capital “I” image via Shutterstock Some languages capitalize several of their pronouns. Some don’t capitalize any of them. English is an odd duck in that we only capitalize the first person singular, I. Why? Honestly, we’re not sure. Linguists and historians have been unable to find any record of a definitive explanation. We know this much: In [...]

WWII plane discovered in the Sahara desert

A perfectly preserved fighter plane lost in 1942 has been discovered in the middle of the desert. The discovery of the Kittyhawk P-40 has been describ…

The Cutest Case Mod Ever

Just look at those eyes! This is the one computer I couldn’t bring myself to kick when it inevitably crashes in the middle of a major project that I neglected to save for the last hour (yes, I know it’s my own darn fault, shut up). Best of all, he even comes with his little [...]

Cops Break Into Insecure Homes in the Middle of the Night to Prevent Burglary

Police officers in a town in Essex, England, has a unique way of making sure the town’s residents stay safe: the cops will break into their homes in the middle of the night. Sleeping householders [...]

The myth of the eight-hour sleep

Should we really be sleeping for eight hours non-stop or might it not be as healthy as it seems ? New evidence suggests waking up in the middle of the…

Buzludzha Monument

A monument to communism sits in the middle of Bulgaria in Buzludzha National Park. Like many oversize Soviet-era constructions, it is falling into ruin. But what’s amazing about this building is that it is only 30 years old! Kuriositas has a look inside at the once-glorious architecture with its massive propaganda artwork and the poor [...]

The 10 Most Beautiful Urban Parks on Earth

Environmental Graffiti found ten oases in the middle of cities that provide a good dose of nature for urban dwellers. Some are big enough to have hiking trails, lakes, zoos, forests, gardens, and even observatories. These 26 pictures are a refreshing treat for the eyes! Pictured is the gorgeous Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island in [...]