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Things Exploding in Microwaves

(Video Link) This ad for Moe’s Southwestern Grill shows either how terrible or awesome microwaves are. I had no idea that bar soap would do that in a microwave. Question: what would happen if you tried to microwave a microwave? -via NotCot

Do Not Microwave These Items

Microwaves are a wonderful way to heat up a whole bunch of stuff. But they don’t work for everything. For instance, you should never microwave metal. Everyone knows that one. But not everyone is aware of the destructive awesomeness that results from heating up soap, or ping pong balls, or toothpaste. Well wonder no longer, because [...]

Things With Faces

So my son Jack and I are driving around Los Angeles today and we get stuck behind this bus with a Jack ad. My Jack says, “Hey look, daddy, that hamgeber has a face!” (He’s three, cut him some slack.) And we both start cracking up, because not only does it have a face, thanks to [...]

What Happens inside a Microwave?

(Video Link) Marc Kossover attached neon light bulbs to a sheet of acrylic and put it inside a microwave. As the oven operated and microwaves flowed across the panel, the lights lit up. Link via CrunchGear

Can Microwave Technology Make Things Cold?

No, it can’t. Microwaves work by speeding up atoms in an object, thus generating heat. “Microwaves can only speed up atoms, not slow them down,” writes Sandeep Ravindran of Popular Science. But Ravindran was curious about whether it would be possible to build a reverse microwave — a device that can instantly chill an object: Scientists [...]