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How a Microwave Oven Works

(YouTube link) Would you like to learn how a microwave oven works? Did you even know people used to refer to them as microwave “ovens?” I said that and confused my kids, as they have only called that most useful of appliance “microwave.” One thought the toaster oven must be this mysterious “microwave oven” I mentioned. [...]

Robot Can Use The Microwave

Today nuking food in the microwave, tomorrow nuking humanity for world domination! Seriously though, what more can we ask from our robot pals now that they’ve mastered the skills of microwaving frozen food? IEEE Spectrum’s Automation blog reports: Herb, the Home Exploring Robot [...]

Things Exploding in Microwaves

(Video Link) This ad for Moe’s Southwestern Grill shows either how terrible or awesome microwaves are. I had no idea that bar soap would do that in a microwave. Question: what would happen if you tried to microwave a microwave? -via NotCot

Recipe Buttons

I had to laugh when I first saw this Twaggie posted at the Neatorama Facebook page. See, my old microwave doesn’t have recipes on the buttons (yeah, I finally got rid of my dial microwave), but my mother’s does, which confused me at first. Matt Lassen illustrated this one from at Tweet by @perlanation. Link

16 Things You Shouldn’t Microwave

(Video Link) I always knew you shouldn’t put light bulbs in the microwave, but I had no idea that it would look so cool if you did. If you want to see more weird things you shouldn’t put in a microwave (and the strange results), this BuzzFeed article is a good place to start. Link

Do Not Microwave These Items

Microwaves are a wonderful way to heat up a whole bunch of stuff. But they don’t work for everything. For instance, you should never microwave metal. Everyone knows that one. But not everyone is aware of the destructive awesomeness that results from heating up soap, or ping pong balls, or toothpaste. Well wonder no longer, because [...]

Smelly Sponge? Microwave It!

Here’s a neat little kitchen tip: tired of smelly kitchen sponge (but don’t want to buy a brand new one)? Wikimommy has the solution: Microwave it! First, rinse the sponge and squeeze it as dry as you can, repeat this process twice. Then you put the squeeze-dried sponge (which is still a bit moist) in the [...]

"Cosmic bruises" suggest other universes

Scientists have discovered evidence that parallel universes ‘jostled’ our own in the very distant past. Patterns found in the background microwave rad…

What Happens inside a Microwave?

(Video Link) Marc Kossover attached neon light bulbs to a sheet of acrylic and put it inside a microwave. As the oven operated and microwaves flowed across the panel, the lights lit up. Link via CrunchGear

History of the U.S.: The Not-so-microwave

The same year that saw the invention of the atomic bomb also gave the world another hot device: the microwave oven. The principle behind microwave cooking was discovered by Percy Spencer, an engineer who worked for defense contractor Raytheon. After noticing a chocolate bar melted after accidentally being placed in front of a new “magnetron” [...]