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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Red/Black Patent Leather Embossed Handbag

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Red/Black Patent Leather Embossed Handbag – $64.95 Tired of your unexciting and downright ho hum purse? It’s time to replace it with the very delightful Mickey and Minnie Mouse Red/Black Patent Leather Embossed Handbag from the NeatoShop. This handsome bag is both playful and stylish. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Red/Black Patent Leather Embossed [...]

6 Obscure Classic Cartoon Characters

You may have seen these characters here and there, but even if you have, chances are you haven’t seen their entire cartoon catalog unless you’re an avid animation fan. Still, just because these characters are lesser known doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve your attention. So sit back and relax and enjoy learning a bit [...]

Sinister Versions Of Classic Disney Characters

There’s a Serbian illustrator known as Testosteronman who was tired of the cute, cuddly nature of the iconic Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie and Pluto, so he sat down at the drawing board and gave these characters a sinister makeover. You wouldn’t want to meet these twisted toons in a dark alley, and if a sequel [...]

Rarely Seen Disney Short – Redux Riding Hood

(YouTube Link) This rarely seen short was directed by Steve Moore, and he’s been trying to get it out of the Disney vaults for the last 15 years so he can show his work to the world. Redux Riding Hood was nominated for an academy award in 1997, and there’s still no clear reason given why [...]

Mickey Mouse, If He Aged Normally

Since his screen debut in 1928, Mickey has not aged thanks to the dark arts taught to him by Walt Disney. But what would happen if he did not have access to overly-trusting interns and the ghastly secrets of the Illuminati? Darick Maasen made this latex sculpture that shows an elderly Mickey Mouse ready for [...]

Android Anatomy Reveals What Lies Beneath Their Robotic Skins

This series by illustrator Yves Joe Malgorn should be subtitled Visible Robot, and it reveals what lies beneath the skin of some of pop culture’s most beloved droids like C-3PO, Bender, Mickey Mouse and Marilyn Monroe? Apparently the illustrator believes that he is an android, and therefore other humans (especially females) must be full of robotic [...]

Mickey Mouse X Joy Division = WTF

If “love will tear us apart”, then we’ll surely be left in one piece by this newest Disney oddity-the Mouse that helped create an empire meets the cover art of Joy Division’s album Unknown Pleasures in their newest t-shirt design. Seeing designs like this coming out of the Mouse Factory makes me wonder if Disney’s design [...]

11 Things You Might Not Know About Winnie the Pooh

Did you know today is Winnie the Pooh Day in honor of his creator, A.A. Milne’s birthday? If Mr. Milne were still alive today, he’d be turning 130 and he would no doubt be honored to see that his creation is still bringing joy to children to this day. In honor of Milne and his [...]

The Quick 10: 10 McRib Facts

The McRib is back! Here are ten fun facts about America’s favorite limited-time fast food sandwich. 1. There’s more to a McRib than barbecue sauce-slathered pork on a bun with onions and pickles. The sandwich contains a staggering 70 different ingredients, the least innocuous of which are “pig bits like tripe, heart, and scalded stomach.” [...]

Steampunk Mickey Ears

Behold the fantastic (punktastic?) Steampunk Mickey Ear, made by Christina Grey. Our pal Jen over at Epbot has got it, and I’m officially jealous: Link