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Steamboat Willie Cookie Jar

Steamboat Willie Cookie Jar  Are you looking for a kitchen item that truly celebrates your love of Mickey Mouse? You need the Steamboat Willie Cookie Jar from the NeatoShop. This beautiful container features amazing hand painted details.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fantastic Disney items and great Kitchen Stuff.  Link

Mickey Mouse and Friends Voltron

This, Neatoramanaut, is what happens when childhood memories collide. Behold, Chogokin King Robo Mickey Mouse and Friends, or what happens when Disney goes Voltron! Caleb Goellner of Comics Alliance has more: Link

Minnie Mouse Kigurumi

Minnie Mouse Kigurumi - $79.95 Halloween not coming fast enough for you? Dress up like your favorite character everynight with the Minnie Mouse Kigurumi from the NeatoShop. This adorable one-piece adult pajama is comfy and stylish. This outfit just screams romance. Mickey Mouse and Pluto Kigurumi also available.   Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more [...]

6 Obscure Classic Cartoon Characters

You may have seen these characters here and there, but even if you have, chances are you haven’t seen their entire cartoon catalog unless you’re an avid animation fan. Still, just because these characters are lesser known doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve your attention. So sit back and relax and enjoy learning a bit [...]

19 Amazing Facts About Stuff We Saw at Toys R Us

Over on Instagram, we’ve been taking pictures of things and offering up slightly amusing facts about them. So far we’ve toured a grocery store and public library. Next up: Toys R Us! For our latest field trip, I dragged along my three-year-old daughter Charlotte. She was paid in coloring books and a Bubble Guppies DVD. This [...]

The Earliest Known Sketches of Mickey Mouse

Image: Walt Disney Family Foundation You’re looking at the earliest known drawings of Mickey Mouse, cir. 1928. It’s interesting to note that Walt Disney already had Mickey’s circular ears down pat even in the [...]

Mickey Mouse, If He Aged Normally

Since his screen debut in 1928, Mickey has not aged thanks to the dark arts taught to him by Walt Disney. But what would happen if he did not have access to overly-trusting interns and the ghastly secrets of the Illuminati? Darick Maasen made this latex sculpture that shows an elderly Mickey Mouse ready for [...]

Android Anatomy Reveals What Lies Beneath Their Robotic Skins

This series by illustrator Yves Joe Malgorn should be subtitled Visible Robot, and it reveals what lies beneath the skin of some of pop culture’s most beloved droids like C-3PO, Bender, Mickey Mouse and Marilyn Monroe? Apparently the illustrator believes that he is an android, and therefore other humans (especially females) must be full of robotic [...]

Fan Edited Video Shows Why We Love Disney Animation

(YouTube Link) Oh Disney animators, you know how to breathe life into characters in a way which makes them seem so real, from the dawn of the animated feature (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs) to your latest hit (Tangled) you’ve almost never disappointed, despite the fact that you’ve been so busy buying up franchises (Marvel [...]

Ten Paces and Draw

(L) Mickey Mouse and Jack Skellington, as drawn by Derrick Dent, based on (R) the sketch by Sarah Straub What a marvelous idea! The blog Ten Paces [...]