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The Fried Food of Sicily

The last time we checked in with Michael Powell and Juergen Horn at For 91 Days, they were preparing to leave Bolivia and move to Palermo, Italy. Of course, part of soaking up a culture is the wonderful food in the different places they’ve been. It turns out that the people of Sicily love fried [...]

The Old School Diner

Michael Powell and Juergen Horn are continuing their living experiment in moving to a new city every three months, and writing about them on their blog 91 Days. Currently in Savannah, Georgia, USA, they visited The Old School Diner and got a lesson in Southern hospitality. The evening really got going when Chef Jerome came out [...]

To Go Cup: The Alcoholic Open Carry Equivalent

Would you be willing to put all your possessions in storage, except your laptop, a few clothes and your dog, and say adiós to the idea of having a home? That’s just what Michael Powell and Juergen Horn have done. Armed with just the internet and a spirit of adventure, they’ve become digital nomads, roaming [...]