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10 People Who Became Dog Toys

Dog toys generally come in three designs: classic toys such as Frisbees and tennis balls, indestructible designs like the Kong line, and cute animals that are fuzzy or squeaky. Of course, the problem with the cute designs is that they are usually the most easily destroyed. So rather than letting your pup rip an adorable [...]

He Directed What?

Michael Moore is best known for his documentaries, in fact, only one of his movies doesn’t fall under the title. Any ideas as to what movie that is? If you said Canadian Bacon, you know your movies. I saw this yesterday when Zeon and I were watching the comedy and I have to say I was [...]

The Late Movies: Tourism Ads Gone Wrong

Some of these are parodies, and some are for real — see if you can tell the difference! Cleveland Excerpts from this homemade ad were featured in Michael Moore’s new movie Capitalism: A Love Story. I like the “second attempt” more: Have a crappie time in Missouri Apparently, Missouri is the crappie fishing capitol of the world. At one point, [...]