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The Complete History of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If you were a kid in the 1980s or 90s, you probably spent some time reading, watching, or playing with four adolescent reptilian martial arts experts with irregular DNA. To make sure I got the scoop on everyone’s favorite heroes in a half-shell, I went straight to the source – co-creator Peter Laird – [...]

A Real Life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

I’m not sure how old this little critter is or if it has meant a rat who will become its sensei in time, but even if he’s not a teenager or a ninja, he’s certainly a mutant already. Personally, I’d rather watch him run around than watch the new Michael Bay movie. Link

An Infographic On Michael Bay Explosions

You may have heard that Michael Bay’s newest film will contain his 1000th explosion ever. If you’ve ever wondered just how his explosion per movie breakdown looks, then you’ll certainly appreciate this infographic detailing all of his 992 explosions so far (the whole thing can be found at the link). Link Via Film Drunk

Movie Consulting from the Department of Defense

Organizations like the CIA and Department of Defense have been assisting with blockbusters like Transformers for years. However, there have been complaints from insiders over potential security privacy leaks, raised during talks over an untitled film about the killing of bin Laden. Whether they have reason to be concerned or not, spokespeople insist there is [...]

The Worst Special Effects Reel

Not everyone can be Stephen Speilberg, but some people can aspire to Tommy Wiseau. At least that is what visual effects maker Martin Gamal seems to be aiming for in this video reel that is making the rounds not for its impressive aliens and action scenes, but its comic lack thereof. Maybe he could get [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Fictional People With Twitter Accounts

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that my name is MadameLeota. It comes from a somewhat unhealthy obsession with Disney’s Haunted Mansion (Madame Leota is the medium whose head appears in the crystal ball). Because of this, I have stumbled across a bunch of people who Tweet in character as Disney park [...]

The Michael Bayifier

The Michael Bayifier takes any photo and makes it look like a still shot from a Michael Bay movie (e.g. Transformers, Armageddon). Pictured above is Alex and his kids on one of their action-packed vacations. Link via The Presurfer

Fun With Slo-Mo Explosions

(YouTube Link) YouTube user jeremiahjw has some compelling slow motion videos of stuff blowing up. Not buildings or robots, although he does compare himself to Michael Bay. The focus of his spendid ’splosions is small stuff like the toy cars above, a variety of outdated gadgets, and most eloquently, Mr. Potato Head. All set to wonderful, [...]