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Could paintball one day save the planet ?

A graduate student from Massachusetts has developed a method to deflect an asteroid using paintballs. Sung Wook Paek’s proposal to save the world from…

Virtual Nanoscopy: The Ridiculously Zoomable Cell

Color us impressed! A team of researchers from Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands created a method to ultrastructurally map regions of cells at nanometer resolution, which they called "virtual nanoscopy": Our approach employs standard transmission electron microscopy, rapid [...]

Transgender Tax Enforcers

Forget straight-laced tax agents trying to intimidate you into paying taxes. That just won’t work with hardened tax evaders of Pakistan, so they’ve come up with an alternative method: send in the transgender enforcers! Armed [...]

A Tribute to Professor Lipscomb

Professor Lipscomb, together with fellow Nobel Laureate, Rich Roberts and the Nicola Hawkins Dancers, performing in the premiere and only performance of the ballet “The Interpretive Dance of the Electrons” at the 2004 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. Photo: Alexandra Murphy. by Marc Abrahams, Improbable Research staff Very sad news. My good friend and longtime collaborator William Lipscomb [...]

Architectural Stationery Vignettes

The engraved stationary of established businesses from days gone by are works of art, as letters were such an important method of communication. It was common to feature a company’s buildings front and center. BibliOdyssey has an assortment of these intricately engraved letterheads and sales receipts from the Biggert Collection at Columbia University, ranging from [...]

The Tortoise Express

(Video Link) It might not be the fastest method of transportation, but it is certainly luxurious. Via BuzzFeed

Building a World

Afniel has an intriguing but simple method of drawing fantasy maps starting with absolutely nothing. She presents it as a way to get children interested in cartography, because the results look quite like real maps. Well, it might get an adult interested in world-building as well! The map shown looks a bit like western Europe, [...]

Seismologists charged with manslaughter

The Italian government has charged seismologists with manslaughter for not predicting earthquakes. Despite there being no proven method for reliably d…

Can the LHC send messages back in time ?

Scientists have come up with a possible method to send a hypothetical particle back in time. The theory is based on the assumption that the particle (…

Monkeys invent new "fishing technique"

Capuchin monkeys have come up with their own tool-conserving method to fish for termites. The technique has never been documented before, not even as …