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New class of Mars meteorite discovered

A unique black meteorite found in the Moroccan desert has turned out to have come from the planet Mars. Nicknamed “Black Beauty”, the meteorite has a …

Meteorites from Mars Rain Down on Earth

Didn’t Starship Troopers feature aliens hitting the Earth with rocks? Well, I’m sure that it’s nothing. Anyway, we’re getting hit by meteorites of Martian origin: Scientists are confirming that 15 pounds of rock collected recently in Morocco fell to Earth from Mars during a meteorite shower last July. This is only the fifth time in history scientists [...]

Alien bacteria turns out to be iron deposits

What was thought to be fossilised bacteria in a meteorite has turned out to be something more mundane. The find echoes the alleged discovery of fossil…

NASA scientist discovers alien bacteria ?

Dr. Richard B. Hoover claims to have discovered fossil bacteria within a rare class of meteorite. “I interpret it as indicating that life is more broa…

Carbon Crystals in Meteorite Harder than Diamond

Scientists have discovered carbon crystals inside a meteorite that crashed in Finland that are harder than naturally-occurring diamonds. The re-entry impact and heat are probably responsible for this unusual formation: The researchers were polishing a slice of the carbon-rich Havero meteorite that fell to Earth in Finland in 1971. When they then studied the polished surface [...]

Fiery meteorite hits Latvia

An unknown object now believed to be a meteorite has impacted in a small town in Latvia, mystery endures however as at least one geologist is clai…