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Third Rock Fire Pit

Rick Wittrig designed this fire pit in the shape of our world, in which the flames arise from each continent (except Antarctica, where the fuel is). An artful metaphor? Here’s your Earth, add the fire, watch the wind, and keep some water ready. Each one is hand made, and for sale. Link  -via Laughing Squid

For 33¢, This Sandwich Seems Like a Bargain

It’s noteworthy that the sandwich factory put a lot of effort into cheating customers a small amount. It seems like a metaphor for so much in life. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

From the Annals of the History of Psychology: Nude Psychotherapy

In the 1960s (of course), psychologist Paul Bindrim, building upon the work of Abraham Maslow, invented a form of psychotherapy that involved everyone getting naked: Nude therapy was based on the idea of the naked body as a metaphor of the “psychological soul.” Uninhibited exhibition of the nude body revealed that which was most fundamental, truthful, [...]