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The Metal Gear Bento Box

In honor of the release of the Play Station 3 bento box, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima put together this amazing Metal Gear lunch to celbrate the 25th anniversary of the game. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

Schoolboy finds bomb with metal detector

Sonny Cater found more than be bargained for when he took his metal detector to a field near his home. Using nothing more than a £30 National Geograph…

Sir Christopher Lee’s Heavy Metal Christmas Album

(YouTube Link) Sir Christopher Lee wants you to have a rockin’ good Christmas, so he’s released a heavy metal holiday album that will burn those boring old Christmas songs down. Mr. Lee has been working with heavy metal artists such as Rhapsody of Fire since 2005, and his first solo metal album Charlemagne: By the Sword and [...]

Coiled Snake Sword

Allegedly, these photos show a sword that fits into a coiled metal snake. It was made in Toledo, Spain in the Nineteenth Century to demonstrate the flexibility of the steel and the skill of the craftsmen who worked it. Link (Translation) -via Anachronistic Exploration

When World War II Veteran Is Cremated, Family Learns That He Was Carrying around Almost Half a Pound of Shrapnel

Ronald Brown was wounded while serving in the British Army during World War II. He downplayed the whole matter and told his children that he had just a bullet in his leg. But when Brown recently passed away, crematory workers found six full ounces of metal in his ashes. His daughter was astonished: “But when we went [...]

Beautifully Sculpted Portal Gun

Duncan Shirah makes amazing sculptures, usually out of wood and metal. This 1:1 scale Portal gun is perfect for steampunk adventures. Be sure to check out Shirah’s website, where there’s also a heroic Adventure Time bronze sculpture. Link | Artist’s Website

This Wireframe Desk Is A Pen’s Worst Nightmare

A pen sure could get lost in this strange wireframe desk. A paperclip could plummet to its death, and don’t even try to write anything down unless you’re drawing squares. Created by South Korean designer Bomi Park, it was meticulously crafted out of metal rods, it looks like The Matrix for office products, a giant dimensional [...]

Life-Size Aliens Vs. Predator Metal Sculptures

These heavy metal sculptures of a Predator, complete with Alien head on his staff, and Alien xenomorph ready to strike were spotted in Vladivostok, Russia, hinting at a decidedly metallic battle which is about to commence. Each statue measures over six feet tall, and weighs an impressively svelte 80 pounds, and can be yours for the [...]

The Heavy Metal Quilts Of Ben Venom

These aren’t your grandma’s quilts, although I’m sure she would respect the skill and originality it took to create these comfy works of fabric art. Created by Ben Venom, a man with a name so metal that his soft rock friends stopped calling him, these heavy metal quilts bring the love of snuggling together with head [...]

TV Dinner Metal Serving Tray

TV Dinner Metal Serving Tray – $10.95 Has mealtime become all work and no play? Make serving up a meal more fun with the TV Dinner Metal Serving tray from the NeatoShop. This fantastic metal tray with a photo of a realistic TV dinner is sure to get lots of laughs. Yum, yum, yummy! Be sure to [...]