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Life-Size Aliens Vs. Predator Metal Sculptures

These heavy metal sculptures of a Predator, complete with Alien head on his staff, and Alien xenomorph ready to strike were spotted in Vladivostok, Russia, hinting at a decidedly metallic battle which is about to commence. Each statue measures over six feet tall, and weighs an impressively svelte 80 pounds, and can be yours for the [...]

The Fire Breathing Robotic Sculptures Of Yanobe Kenji

These robotic monstrosities were created by Japanese artist and supervillain Yanobe Kenji, who clearly plans on using his mechanical marvels to take over the world. Employing cuteness and likeability to put the human population at ease, these fire breathing robots are hell bent on becoming our new metal overlords. They’ve even taken to the sea, to [...]

Life-Sized Scrap Metal Mammoth Skeleton

I love scrap metal sculptures, especially when they retain the character of the parts they’re made from, like car parts, tools and, in this case, farm equipment. Constructed by sculptor Jud Turner for the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center in Washington, this life-sized construction of a Columbia mammoth skeleton is made from “mostly old farm [...]

Celebrity Sculptures Made Out Of Chicken Wire

These cool metal sculptures, of celebrities like John Lennon and Andy Warhol, have such soft edges and fine detail that I was surprised to find out they’re made out of chicken wire. Kenyan artist Ivan Lovatt uses skills he learned from working in construction to create these metal masterpieces, and like a good builder he’s [...]

9 Things Everyone Should Know About North Dakota

Everyone gives North Dakota a hard time. Well, some people in Montana and South Dakota do. People in states farther away can’t name a single thing about it. But we should all give this place more respect. It might be cold, it might have long and tedious roads, and it might not even be a [...]