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Schoolboy finds bomb with metal detector

Sonny Cater found more than be bargained for when he took his metal detector to a field near his home. Using nothing more than a £30 National Geograph…

Lost Diamond Ring Found Inside Dog

Karen Woolley of Thrumpton, Nottinghamshire, England, couldn’t find her diamond ring she had taken off while she bathed the night before. Their four-month-old puppy Barney was a suspect. So Woolley turned to modern technology to find it. “My husband Jonathan and I were searching everywhere, and then he had the idea of using the metal detector. “We [...]

5 Treasures Found Amid Trash

People go to garage sales and estate sales all the time.  Some get really lucky.  Here’s a few stories of people who had something they thought was worthless but turned out to be worth millions of dollars. A British farmer lost a hammer in one of his fields one day. Rather than going to spend a [...]