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This is What Happened When a Paint Truck Rolled Over

Truck accidents usually make a mess on the road, but this truck roll over in the Brazilian town of Manaus made a particularly colorful mess. The truck was carrying about 28,000 pounds of paint when it tipped over: [...]

Now That’s a School to Write Home About

My elementary school was a hideous mess of mauve, yellow and teal that looked like the early nineties threw up all over the walls. Middle school and high school weren’t much better although they were sure a lot more bland. But not all schools are so disgustingly ugly though. Redditor fawcan posted this great photo showing [...]

A Roadkill Cake That Is Too Disgusting To Eat

I normally don’t have a problem with blood and guts, but when someone makes a gory mess out of something delicious it tends to kill my appetite. And those who enjoy eating roadkill will probably be disappointed by the lack of possum goodness, so it looks like this cake is another case of look but [...]