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Proteigon: Amazing Papercraft Stop Motion Animation

This one is gorgeous: Proteigon, a mesmerizing papercraft stop motion animation made in two months by Steven Briand. Absolutely brilliant in its minimalist approach! Hit play or go to Link [Vimeo] – via Vultured

Hypnotic Tattoo

It’s a simple design, but there’s something mesmerizing about this tattoo by Xed Lehead. The shading is really nice work. Link -via F-Yeah Tattoos | Photo: Needles and Sins

Denver to Singapore (and Back) in 5 Minutes

David D’Angelo took snapshots of his trip from Denver to Singapore via Chicago, Los Angeles and Tokyo (and back) and stitched them into a mesmerizing 5 minute video clip: The creator put a ton of effort into filming as much of his trip as possible, and included some highlights like the automatic beer machine at the [...]