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Custom Made Mermaid Tails

Etsy seller Monika Naumann makes mermaid tails that you can wear while swimming! These stunningly realistic looking Mermaid Tails were inspired by my 3 daughters and their love of all things Mermaid! They are created to fit your unique size and include a comfortable, durable and sturdy custom made mono-fin. They are made to SWIM IN [...]

Little Mermaids around the World

Carl Jacobsen’s famous mermaid sculpture in Cøpenhagen harbor isn’t the only seaside mermaid statue. It has inspired many similar sculptures around the world, including this one in the estuary of Britain’s Dart River. You can view several others at the link. Content warning: artistic nudity. Link | Photo: me’nthedogs

The Little Mermaid’s Brother

Since 1913, Edvard Eriksen’s statute of the titular character from the tale “The Little Mermaid” has watched over the harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark. To mark her upcoming hundredth birthday, artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset made this male version. Thanks to machinery inside, the stainless steel merman blinks every half hour. Link -via My Modern Met [...]

Mysteries of ‘mummified mermaid’

University students are attempting to get to the bottom of a hoaxed mermaid made in the 19th century. Known as the Buxton Mermaid, the creation is com…

Nine Famous People Who Started as Disney Park Characters

A couple of years ago, I did a post on celebrities who got their first tastes of the entertainment biz by working at one of the Disney Parks, whether they did tricks at the Magic Shop (Steve Martin) or cracked wise as a Jungle Cruise skipper (John Lasseter). But which celebs might you actually spot [...]

Mermaid Restroom Sign

Actually, it could also be a merman, not just a mermaid. And the other sign — is that, like, a pirate with a peg leg? Link via How Now, Spirit! Wither Wander You? | Image: unknown