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Redesigned Girl Scout Merit Badges

The times they are a-changin’ and changin’ with the times are the Girl Scouts. First, they let boys in, and then this: redesigned merit badges that are more relevant to today’s modern world. Beth Teitell [...]

Spring Break Badges

These unofficial spring break merit badges can be sent to your friends via Facebook. The Lobster badge is for someone who didn’t use enough sunscreen. The one on the right is called Icarus, for your friend who went after someone who was too hot for them and was then shot down. See all ten badges [...]

Be Proud Merit Badges

Give the folks you know a little lift for the things they do with merit badges! The badges shown are for being drunk as a skunk, going out on a limb, having a bun in the oven, and bringing home the bacon. There are plenty more badges available from Etsy seller leemeszaros. Link -via Metafilter