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Living The Minivan Dream Memo Pad

Living The Minivan Dream Memo Pad – $6.95 Are you living the dream? The minivan dream? You need the Living The Minivan Dream Memo Pad from the NeatoShop. This great 70 sheet memo pad makes a great Mother’s Day gift for your favorite minivan driving Mommy. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more Stationary fun [...]

Guess Who’ll Be Fired Next?

Relax, Neatorama authors and NeatoShop workers, you’re safe … yet. The "contest" to guess who will be fired next was the brainchild of William Ernst, the owner of Iowa-based chain of QC Marts. He has been called "the Boss from Hell" by [...]

Japanese Memo Clock Cute Idea

“QUICK SHOT” #1 Link – by Avi Abrams Japanese Memo Clock: cute concept which actually involves WRITING This is sold in Japan (at Taobao stores), but actually made in South Korea: the Memo CLock is ceramic, comes with the erasable marker and prompts you to plan your day and stick to the plan! It’s the last part that’s [...]

FBI releases memo on Roswell UFOs

The FBI have made thousands of files available including a memo about the recovery of three alien craft. The 1950 memo penned by an Agent Hottel descr…

Scissors + Shredders = Shredsors

Shredsors – $19.95 Need to destroy that top secret memo but got no office paper shredder? Here’s the product for you: a strange yet effective combination of scissors and shredders. Behold, the Shredsors – a pair of scissors with 9 blades that will quickly destroy junk mail, bank statements, old credit cards … From the Neatorama Shop: [...]