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31 Bizarre Foreign Titles for American Movies

Film is perhaps America’s greatest cultural export. That said, not every American film title translates well into other languages. To bridge the gap, foreign marketers take some very intriguing creative liberties. Many of the best mangled film titles come from China, where they are downright magical at jazzing up boring old English titles. 1. Pretty Woman [...]

Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine

(Vimeo link) HEYHEYHEY, the studio behind Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine (or just Melvin the Machine, or just Melvin) designed this Rube Goldberg machine with a bit of a twist–instead of just performing simple tasks with mind-bending inefficiency, Melvin’s also in the business of self-promotion. While Melvin is performing, he takes pictures, makes videos of his audience, then [...]

Man Carried to His Funeral in the Bucket of a Digger

Before Melvin Baker died at the age of 79, he asked that during his funeral, he be carried in the front bucket of a digger. He had driven one most of his life, and wanted to leave this world in one. So his former boss arranged for an operator to pick up the casket with [...]