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Double Rainbow Cupcakes

Oh, my God, it’s a double rainbow all the way! Woah. It’s so bright. What does this mean? Link -via That’s Nerdalicious! | Photo: Megan Seling

Unique Hand Stitched Leather Bowser

What could possibly make such a cool looking Bowser figure, complete with movable arms, wrists and head and hammer, even cooler? Make him out of leather. This rugged little version of the big bad boss carries a price tag worthy of his royal stature-$300, over at the artist Megan’s custom toy site. This may be [...]

Triplets Born 11 Years Apart

A triplet born 11 years apart sounds like the opening of a shaggy dog story, but that’s what actually happened in Midland, England: It’s hardly surprising that Ryleigh Shepherd is the image of her 11-year-old twin sisters when they were babies. For despite being born in different centuries, the three were all conceived on the same [...]

Dear Blockbuster Member,

David Thorne is at it again. The guy who tried to pay a bill with a picture of a spider and suffered through a surprise apartment inspection now has overdue video rentals. The correspondence between Thorne and Blockbuster Video goes about as you’d expect (if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance…), but there is a [...]