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The Making of a Mega Man Cake

So, you think you can’t possibly make a cake in some super-geeky shape for a birthday, but check out what wonders you can create with Rick Krispy Treats and some brightly-colored fondant! A wordless photoessay takes you through the steps to make this Mega Man cake. The technique can be adapted to other pop culture [...]

An Epic Level Performance Of Musical Nerdery

(YouTube Link) Musical nerdery doesn’t get much more epic than this performance by Bit Brigade, where they play the soundtrack to Mega Man II while the entire game is being played on a screen behind them. And when I say the entire game I mean THE ENTIRE GAME, this video weighs in at an impressive 44 minutes [...]

Nintendo Boardwalk Cabinets

Donald Kennedy imagined Nintendo characters in three old-fashioned boardwalk cabinets. Wario tells your fortune, Mario challenges you to grab a prize, and Elec Man (from Mega Man) shocks you with electricity. They light up and move, too. Artist’s Website -via Technabob