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Meet the Fokkens

In the Netherlands, where prostitution is legal, there are about 25,000 prostitutes but two in particular really stood out. Meet the Fokkens, 70-year-old identical twins Louise and Martine who have the remarkable distinction of [...]

A Beautiful Work Of Cake Art Named Zelda

Meet Zelda, a cake that’s far too beautiful to be eaten, which is too bad because she actually sounds quite delicious: Zelda is half Peach Cake soaked in bourbon, the other half is vanilla cake with a salted caramel buttercream. She was masterfully crafted by Karen Portaleo and the Highland Bakery, whose incredible works of cake art [...]

Break Dancing Gorilla

This gorilla has got some moves! Meet Zola, the break dancing gorilla: Zola, nine-years old, is one of eight Western lowland gorillas currently living at the Calgary Zoo as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Gorilla Species Survival Plan. He loves to play in water and keepers regularly give him the opportunity to do [...]

Anais Mittins

(YouTube link) Meet Anais Mittins. Le jeune fille chat is carrying a torch for Henri, the Existential Cat. This is her feline love letter. -via Buzzfeed

Nepalese Honey Hunters

Think you’ve got a tough job? Meet the Rai people of Nepal, who go to great length to collect honey from hives perched 250-feet up the side of a cliff. The Vimeo clip above is by [...]

Disco, the Gay Old Bird

(YouTube link) Meet Disco, a parakeet who has plenty to say! “What’s the problem, officer?” is probably the most useful of his varied repertoire, although he also does foreign languages, and impressions of other species, too! -via Buzzfeed

Man Fathered 30 Children Asking for Relief from Child Support

Think you’ve got problem? Meet Desmond Hatchett, who has fathered 30 children with 11 different women. Now, he’s asking the courts for a break … on child support because he’s making only minimum wage: Desmond explained how it all happened, well you [...]

Meet Claude the Tasmanian Giant Crab

Meet Claude the Tasmanian giant crab, who was saved from boiling death when a British aquarium bought him: Catch of the day: Held up by Sealife aquarist Jemma Battric, Claude weighs a mighty [...]

The Definition of "So Ugly It’s Cute"

Meet the newest critter at Perth’s Zoo, a baby echidna. It’s even known by an adorable/ugly name, as echidna babies are called “puggles.” There are even more pictures over at the link. Link

Animals Face to Face

Meet the Sulawesi black-crested macaca (Macaca nigra). If his expression is any kind of clue, photographer Stefano Unterthiner’s surprise shot is probably not appreciated. (Incidentally, I make that exact face any time someone takes my picture, so sharing this here probably isn’t helping Mr. Macaca feel better about himself. Assuming he is a “he” of [...]