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Painting with Penicillin

In 1928, British biologist Alexander Fleming discovered the antibiotic properties of penicillin. That discovery has led to millions of human lives saved. But to Fleming, penicillin was more than a biological wonder. It was also an artistic medium: He was a member of the Chelsea Arts Club, where he created amateurish watercolors. Less well known is [...]

Medium Pizza

This is a medium pizza at Big Lou’s Pizza in San Antonio. They also serve a large, which is 62″ in diameter. This photograph made an instant reddit star out of Luke, the guy on the right. He was impressed with the dinner. Link

If Classic Art Conformed to Modern Beauty Standards

These days, women portrayed in popular media tend to be thin with medium or large breasts. But a few hundred years ago, a few curves meant you lived the good life and indulged in tasty treats the impoverished couldn’t afford. Classical artists tended to portray models that way. So what would your favorite classical paintings look [...]

Famous Album Covers Recreated with Socks

Have you ever considered socks as an art medium? The anonymous author of a Tumblr blog called Famous album covers recreated with my socks has, and apparently has quite a selection of socks to use! There are two pages of album covers now, and we hope there will be more to come. Link -via Wil [...]

Medium clears haunted house in Scotland

A medium has allegedly cleared a house of ghosts after two failed attempts by a church minister. Single mum Vicky Dann and her family had been experie…

28 Garbage Cans That Belong In A Gallery

You don’t often think of a garbage can as an art medium, but some artists do. And how nice is it to disguise an ugly-but-necessary object as something delightful? My favorite of the collection at WebUrbanist is this graffiti-embellish can by Job Willemsen and Tom v.d. Hurk in the Netherlands. Link (Image source: Wooster Collective)

Landscapes Carved into Books

Book carving has really taken off as a medium in the past few years. Guy Laramee’s impressive contributions show entire landscapes cut into the paper. You know what would be really neat? To see a Z-scale model railroad set on top of one of these landscapes. Artist’s Website -via Colossal

Circuit Board Paintings

Artist Joe Dragt’s medium of choice is the humble outdated circuit board. It’s a great way to reinject value into something that otherwise may have been thrown away. The paintings work surprisingly well as a backdrop for the organic subjects he uses. Link Via Geekosystem

Hyper-Realistic Paintings

I’ve already posted a few works of amazingly realistic art, but since many of you seem to enjoy the medium, I figured you might enjoy a few more seen in this new WebUrbanist article. Whether you prefer your paintings to feature still life, portraits, scenery or even food wrappers, you’ll be certain to find something in [...]

Pounding Away at the Art World

The measure of a true artist doesn’t come down to what medium he uses so much as how effectively he uses his chosen medium. Marcus Levine is a perfect example. He makes stunning portraits using nothing more than a hammer, some nails and wooden boards. In order to get this amazing level of details, he [...]