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NMA Explains the Lucasfilm Buyout

(YouTube link) Next Media Animation shows us their version of the Disney buyout of Lucasfilm. This is the dialog-free animation, which can be edited to fit your news copy, should you be a subscriber. What that means for us is that it’s longer than the finished news clips we are used to seeing from NMA. At [...]

The Year of the Dragon

(YouTube link) Happy New Year! Today, communities celebrating Chinese New Year are welcoming the Year of the Dragon. Next Media Animation explains how the Chinese New Year celebration came to be celebrated with firecrackers. Link

The Late Movies: Next Media Animation

Next Media is a large news company based in Hong Kong, specializing in a wide array of media products. Recently one of their divisions, Next Media Animation, has gained attention for their CGI news reports of American news items. Tonight for the Late Movies we take a look at a few of these often hilarious [...]