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Burning Cigarette Dispensers

Modern Mechanix commenter Stan Flouride writes, “That’s why I quit, too much work.” There was a time when smoking was not so laborious, thanks to machines that  dispensed pre-lit cigarettes. Link -via Retronaut

A Machine to Cook Potatoes with Human Body Heat

And while you’re at it, whip me up some eggs to go with the hash browns. Surely this imagined future of cooking from a 1930 issue of Modern Mechanix is finally achievable in our time. Link -via Boing Boing

She Doesn’t Care

Now that Continental Oil Company (now Conoco) has your attention with the naughty thing their research chemists (Belt over lab coat? Craaaazy!) do on their summer break, it smoothly segues into the benefits of motor oil. Remember that sex sells, future Madison Ave execs, it even sells motor oil. Modern Mechanix has the larger pic: Link

Separate Sack Suspensory

From the March 1992 issue of Physical Culture, as presented by the ever amazing Modern Mechanix blog, let me tell my fellow men three words that will change their lives forever. Ready? Separate Sack Suspensory: You can do the hardest work or play without strain, chafing or pinching if you wear a Separate Sack Suspensory. The S.S.S. [...]